Private jet catering

DD CPH gives you a treat for those who want quality and gourmet meals on their flights.

​We are located at CPH Airport, and is available at all times and at short notice.

Extremely delicate dishes that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

DD CPH has a staff of innovative and quality-conscious chefs who have years of experience with inflight catering. We provide high service, enhanced flexibility and take pride in pleasing the guest. All our food is made of good, fresh ingredients.

We bake our own bread, and cooking of course our food from scratch.​

Gourmet food is prepared according to the customer's request, served beautifully and delicately.

Enjoy heavenly tapas dishes, hearty breakfast, joyous sweet temptations and beautifully presented meals. Everything your heart desires - from DD CPH anything is possible.

Want In today's newspapers, flowers, ice cream or the like. we take care of course, to this.


Welcome to DD CPH – our food your way.​

​​​​Homemade food with a focus on quality and taste

You are always welcome to contact Dining Deluxe CPH to hear more about what we can do for you. You can call us on +45 28 80 80 80 or send an email to You can also use our contact form.

Get an offer on catering, lunch arrangements and various events

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Hangar 243, Kompasrosevej 6, Copenhagen Airport South, 2791 Dragør